Set up general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, organize records for tax preparation, etc. This service may consist of actual bookkeeping or assisting with your initial set up for you to continue on your own.

Business Plan Writing

Do you need help writing your business plan? We can help you with Business Plan Pro. This is an approved and preferred software recommended by the Small Business Administration. This software has all the questions that are required by the SBA and major funding sources. It doesn't leave anything to the imagination. All the questions are answered. Reports, spreadsheets and presentations can be imported.

Computer & Software Training

Do you have a computer that is collecting dust or software you don't know how to use? Let me help you get started with One-on-One or group computer and software training in the comfort of your own home, office or even the library.

You can learn:

  • Windows navigation
  • Basic protection: keeping your computer safe from spy ware and blocking pop ups that clog memory and space
  • Necessary word processing programs, spreadsheets, or possibly presentations
  • Personalize computer settings for Windows with color, size, graphics and more.
  • Internet marketing
  • Basic website creation

**Microsoft Office certified**

Consignment Sales

Are there tons of knick knacks, old toys, tools, you-name-its and what-cha-ma-call-its taking up space in your home? Have you thought of listing them on an auction site but don't have time? I will list your stuff for you and constantly watch your auctions too!

There are many auction sites and sites to list items for sale available. You can choose to list on one site or many. Many of the sites are free to list or their fees are minimal.

**PayPal & eBay certified**

Document and Photo Preservation

Conserve space and protect old photos by having them scanned and loaded on to a compact disk.

Protect important documents and have them at your fingertips when needed. Your original documents can remain in your safe or safe deposit box while you still have a legible and easily accessible copy.

These items can also be uploaded to a website or your own personal online briefcase accessible only by you.

Elva Laura Martha Boschert Lindhorst

Domain Set up

  • Do have a domain that you would like to have your own e-mail addresses or website set up?
  • We will set up pop3 e-mail, so you can have it downloaded into your favorite mail program or phone.
  • All your e-mail, calendars, mobile apps and document storage in the same place.
  • We have access to tons of web site templates, if you want something easily manageable.
  • Web page stores with merchant accounts are available.

Financial Organization and Tax Prep Counseling

Small business and individual tax preparation counseling and organization.

Experienced tax preparer through IRS approved classes.


Who is in your family tree, any one famous? How far back do your family roots go?

Internet research, Product Sourcing, Shopping

Medication or disease research, historical research, hard to find items, drop shippers or anything you need!

If you don't have time to search for that special gift or collector's item, we can do the leg work for you.

Gift wrapping is available.

Rebate Tracking & Submission

The end result of a fantastic purchase price many times is subject to full payment up front then the agonizing submission and wait time for the rebate to actually regain the “fantastic” sale price of the item.

Word Processing, Creative Documents, Spreadsheets & Presentations

  • Legal documents available (i.e. durable power of attorney, general agreements)
  • Resumes
  • Creative documents: fliers, invitations, picture collages
  • Word processing of any type: dictation, transcription, handwritten papers, document formatting, professional presentation, graphics, tables, newspaper column, etc.
  • Experienced with APA style formatting and references or your required style.
  • Grammar and sentence structure assistance
  • Excellent visual document presentation.
  • College papers
  • Research assistance
  • Excel spreadsheets with formulas, graphs, incredibly detailed etc.
  • PowerPoint presentations with graphics, speaker notes, animation, etc.
  • Brainstorming

If you don't see a task listed, just ask!

Payment Options

  • Checks on local or national banks only
  • PayPal - There is an additional $1.50 per $25. Example: Your bill is $100, it will cost you $6 for a total of $106.
  • Cash
  • Invoicing available for steady clients (must have & maintain good payment history)

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