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Military Veterans’ Travel Guide – Ideas, Discounts, & Resources

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Many people view the military community almost as an extended family. If you’re part of that special club in any capacity, you’ll often feel the gratitude and appreciation being directed your way by everyday members of the public, as well as a host of business owners who can offer you more than just their thanks for serving your country.

Over 8 million consumers are part of that military community when you count active duty, retired personnel, reservists, and military employees. Adding in the immediate families of past and present military personnel, you soon appreciate that this a big group of people who businesses would like to keep happy and recognize.

Many travel and leisure providers offer discounts to military veterans as their own gesture of appreciation for the time these veterans have served. However, it can often be difficult to instantly locate veterans’ discounts on general travel websites or know where to get the best possible travel deal.

This guide aims to provide resources that veterans can use to find travel discounts. There is a wide range of continuing and promotional discounts and incentives available, and these can often be found via resources like travel clubs, booking websites, flight websites, resorts, and cruise lines.

Here is a comprehensive guide to getting recognition for your military service in the form of discounts, special offers, and incentives.

Travel Organizations for Military Veterans

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There are a number of organizations and programs that veterans can join to get special access to travel benefits and other advantages. These programs are often free for eligible U.S. veterans, and applications can be submitted online. Here are several organizations that veterans can choose from:

  • United Services Automobile Association (USAA) Travel Deals: USAA offers insurance, banking, investment, and retirement services to both active and former military service members. Military family members may also be eligible. In addition to the free financial resources that USAA members receive, veterans can also check out the special travel deals. On the organization’s Travel Deals page, visitors can explore Car Rental Services as well as deals on flights, hotels, cruises, and travel insurance that can only be accessed by registering online as a member. The website also gives travel advice and has a large section of Travel Discounts.
  • GovArm: GovArm is an abbreviation of the Government and Armed Forces Travel Cooperative. It was founded by Vietnam veterans who wanted to make it easier for veterans and current military personnel to find the travel deals they wanted. GovArm works with suppliers to source discounts for a variety of travel and leisure activities. The website breaks down travel deals by type and enables visitors to look at deals within each category of travel activity. There are also GovArm vacation packages that offer full trip itineraries in locations across the world.
  • Vettravel: Veteran’s Travel Resources helps you access discounted travel rates for military veterans, retirees, and their dependents. There are some tips on the website about how to enter your search to match the options and deals that have been reserved for veterans.
  • This website aims to provide a number of different resources for veteran travelers all in one location. If you scroll down the page from the link provided above, you will see additional external links that may prove useful when trying to make travel plans.
  • SMART RVing: SMART stands for Special Military Active Recreational Travelers, and this website brings military veterans together to enjoy some RV adventures. SMART RVing aims to source the most competitive RV rental and accommodation prices available for military veterans, and there are regular rallies throughout the country that you might want to attend.

Military Veterans Websites for Bookings

Many travel discounts are available to veterans even if they do not belong to an organization. The following travel booking websites allow veterans to browse for military deals online:

  • Travel Benefits: is a website dedicated to providing military service members, military veterans, and military families with community support and information on the benefits they might have access to. On the organization’s Travel Benefits page, visitors can find advice on military travel, getting military deals, and military lodging options. Although some parts of the site focus on active duty members, there are also resources for veterans.
  • Travelation – Military Travel Deals: Travelation has a search page dedicated to military travel deals, making it easier to book flights with these kinds of discounts. The page shows recently booked military flights as well as a military promotional code that can be redeemed with Travelation.
  • Expedia – Military Travel Deals: By visiting the Expedia Military Travel Deals page, veterans can sign up to verify their military status. Successfully verified veterans are able to claim Expedia+ Gold benefits like complimentary room upgrades when available, bonus booking points, Gold member rates, and exclusive travel offers. Normally, Gold benefits are only available to those who have spent $10,000 or 15 nights on an Expedia-booked trip, so this is a great deal. Visitors can read more about Expedia+ Gold on the website.

Booking Flights as a Military Veteran

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The following websites provide discounted flight booking for veterans:

  • Military Fares: Military Fares is a website that allows users to search a variety of airlines for military airfares. The platform is a Priceline Partner Network that provides an extensive offering of flights. Recent military deals that users have purchased are displayed so visitors can get an idea of what rates might be on offer when they’re searching.
  • Military Travel Exchange: This website offers an alternative to spending hours searching for discounted flights. Instead, veterans can enter details about their desired departure location, departure date, arrival location, and return date. Then a Military Travel Exchange representative will complete the search and the booking on behalf of the user. Another benefit of using this service is that Military Travel Exchange offers travel financing.
  • JetBlue: The airline actively encourages veterans on board their flights, and they invite military members past and present to enroll in their Veterans Advantage scheme, which qualifies you for a 5% discount on each flight you book. JetBlue also offers a special military fare class for active duty personnel not traveling on orders, which removes advanced-purchase requirements and bag waiver options.
  • United Airlines: Enroll in their Veterans Advantage program to get a 10-digit travel discount code that you can use when you book. There are also special offers and other benefits available to members.
  • MilitaryHops: Although Space Available military flights are not so easy to get these days, you can use this site to see what is available and whether it fits your intended travel plans.

It’s also worth mentioning that if you are booking direct with an airline, many of them don’t often advertise military rates on their website. You might have to call in order to get a veterans discount when it is available. Discounts may include reduced flight costs, but you might also be offered a free checked bag or other incentive.

Here are some airlines that are understood to offer discount schemes of some sort to veterans:

Military Lodging

It is worth mentioning that if you are trying to save on costs, you might be able to find military lodging near to your chosen destination.

You can find accommodation if you plan your trip in advance and allow time to reserve a place at least 60 days in advance. Try to see what options are available. There are centralized reservation systems available to book accommodations with the U.S. Army (866-363-5771), the U.S. Navy (800-628-9466), or the U.S. Air Force (888-235-6343). If you want to stay at a U.S. Marine Corps or a Coast Guard lodge, you will have to search for the nearest lodge to your destination and contact them directly.