Veterans with Disabilities in Higher Education

Post date: Aug 31, 2011 1:21:37 AM

FOCUS: The focus of this SIG is Veterans with Disabilities in Higher Education.


Veterans with disabilities are recognized individuals with a great capacity to help others. Ensuring their unique life experiences are valued in higher education and societal environments demonstrates the vision of AHEAD to embody equality of opportunity. While veterans with disabilities may seem to be primarily an American phenomenon, the lessons on helping individuals with acquired brain injuries, mobility issues, and psychological challenges provide guidance from improved practice in moving all individuals with disabilities toward full participation in post-secondary education around the world.

The purpose of this SIG is to bring awareness of the unique skills and knowledge required to work effectively with veterans with disabilities in higher education. This SIG will provide a forum for discussion of current issues and a network/clearing house/liaison for AHEAD members on veterans’ issues. Also, this SIG will sponsor and promote scholarly research about student veterans with disabilities and conduct outreach activities to other professional organizations working with veterans with disabilities in higher education.

The SIG’s commitment to research, dissemination of knowledge and discussion of issues and challenges of veterans with disabilities are in keeping with AHEAD’s values. These values view disability as the interaction between the person and environment, promotes diversity, is equitable, demands inclusivity and provides an organization strength that sustains essential resources and supports growth.