Translate your Military Skills

Post date: Oct 23, 2012 4:12:16 AM

Veteran Resources

From assessing your skill set to exploring new career opportunities—everything you need is right here to start your new chapter.

Search For A Job

US Manufacturing Pipeline is your one-stop resource

during your job search. Now you can create a resume, search for manufacturing job openings, and explore the manufacturing industry for fulfilling careers that put your skills to work.Learn More

Match Your Skills

The career assessment will evaluate your interests and skills, then recommend careers for you. You can then filter your career options by salary, level of education and desired state of employment.Learn More

Get Your Badge

The Manufacturing Institute worked with Futures Inc. to create a digital "badge" system, making it easier for employers to translate Military Occupational Specialty codes (MOS) to civilian positions in advanced manufacturing. Whether you're a welder or a technician, upload your resume to see if your skills match a badge. Learn More

Help veterans get back to work and leverage their skills by creating employment and vocational training opportunities in your company. See the case studies and information below from the Institute for Veterans and Military Families (IVMF).

Employer Resources

Hire Veterans

Set up your free employer account and start connecting with candidates. Search by skills, manufacturing badges, geography, and start building a better pipeline of talent

today.Learn More

Veteran Employment Practices

The Veteran-Employment Toolkit is a collaborative effort led by GE and IVMF containing resources for executive leaders, human resource professionals, veteran employees, and peer coworkers to promote recruiting, hiring, retaining, and advancing veterans in the private sector. If you represent an employer, trade, or business association we would love to hear your input.Learn More

Voice of the Vet Survey

GE partnered with IVMF to conduct a survey on how veterans view the workplace, their skill sets and the impact they'd like to have as a civilian. View the results to see where veteran employment stands today.Learn More