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  • V.A. Forms - There are 520 forms as of 08/02/2012, and NONE of them are organized by subject much less a map or clue of how to find all the forms necessary for your specific needs except by key word. So... you have to know what to look for.
    • Finding all the forms you need is not exactly the easiest thing to do. I'll do my best to make it easier for your. If you have questions, please send me a note.
      • For example: If you are submitting a new claim for a service-connected ailment or injury; you need to find the form that fits the ailment or injury (head, back, arthritis, other disease...there is a form for just about everything.
      • EXAMPLE: You get a broken leg and a brain injury in a car wreck while in the service. The base E/R doc fails to interpret the x-rays correctly. He put you weight-bearing on the wrong leg and also fails to MRA/MRI your head, even though there's blood coming out of your ears. Wipe off the blood, stitch your visible wounds , tell you to take 800mg of Motrin every 4 hours and sends you home.
      • Now its several years later, your leg is "dead" with Avascular Necrosis. Your vascular issues have climbed from your foot to your scrotum. Your sex life is non existent too. Your brain doesn't function like it used to prior to the accident, headaches, anger, mood swings, can't sleep etc. You also have an incredible case of GERD and reflux. You've been getting an upper and lower GI done every 2 years. Your esophagus has pre-cancerous lesions. Why, you ask? Check out all that Motrin you've eaten over the years.
      • So look at all that has gone wrong with one carelessly exhausted E/R physician. What do you do? Well...if you don't have a service officer, get one. If you are game enough to put together your own claim, I'm here for you.
      • Check out just some of the form you will need for this situation:
        1. VBA-21-22-CSO Auth - Appointment of veterans’ service organization as claimant's representative
        2. VBA-21-0960A-2 Vascular - Artery and vein conditions (vascular diseases including varicose disability benefits questionnaire
        3. VBA-21-0960M-1 Amputations - Amputations Disability benefits questionnaire (if you've had 4 (?) or more surgeries on the same limb, you can then claim amputation)
        4. VBA-21-0960M-2 Ankles - Ankle conditions disability benefits questionnaire
        5. VBA-21-0960M-9 Knee/Leg - Knee and lower leg conditions disability benefits questionnaire
        6. VBA-21-0960C-8 headaches - Headaches (including migraine headaches) disability benefits questionnaire
        7. VBA-21-0960G-1 Esophageal conditions (including gastro-esophageal reflux disease (GERD), hiatal hernia and other esophageal disorders) disability benefits questionnaire
      • Now you think you have all your forms, what next? You have have to gather all your supporting medical documentation for EACH issue and tie them all together is they all occurred from the same incident.
    • Now don't forget the most important form: VA 21-526EZ Fully Developed Claims - This one helps get your claims processed "faster."