The Nexus Letter

Post date: Nov 10, 2012 5:44:48 AM

Nexus - a method of bringing all links in a chain of events together. For the purpose of a Veteran's claim, this is a historical/medical account of the issue or chain of issues leading to the cause of the claim.

A well written nexus statement (or nexus letter) may be the single most important document that you will have in evidence to support your claim of a VA disability benefit.

Your nexus letter is the chain that connects one event to the next.

Having a nexus letter in your claim is not a requirement for every claim, but our opinion is to give the VA every reason to say "approved" rather than denied, delayed or even to get the highest available rating. Claims that are based on presumptive conditions and claims where the evidence is clear and unmistakable usually don't need such an elaborate document.

When the nexus letter is necessary, there is nothing else that will replace it. If you take the time to read this carefully and get your nexus letter done right the first time, you may save yourself years of appeals.

Nobody will do this for you. Most people, including doctors, don't understand how important it is to use precise language and phrases. You must do it yourself and you must supervise every word of the statement.

Though your doctor may write a statement that supports your claim, you may still be stuck proving how/when/where/why the issue occurred.

EXAMPLE: Headaches, GERD, Barrett's Esophagus, severe snoring, sleep apnea, avascular necrosis, high blood pressure, PTSD, TBI

All of these symptoms did not occur at the time of the accident. The major issues were broken ankles and frontal lobe damage due to a car wreck. The short and sweet of it for this example is this: All of these symptoms and diseases occurred due to the course of treatments ordered by the doctors such as 800mg of Motrin several times a day for years that ate the lining of the stomach and esophagus; which lead to this, that and the other symptom caused by the injuries of the car wreck.

The point here is to tie all these issues back to the initial cause.